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Art Garfunkel Scissors Cut Album

Art Garfunkel Scissors Cut Album 最熱門的
描述: Scissors Cut
Track list:
1. Heart in New York
2. Scissors Cut
3. Up in the World
4. Hang on In
5. So Easy to Begin
6. Bright Eyes
7. Can't Turn My Heart Away
8. French Waltz
9. In Cars

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Beatles Anthology.jpg

Beatles Anthology.jpg 最熱門的
描述: A boxset of 5 DVD which was previously issued as LD. More footage was added. A documentary of The Beatles.
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Bert Jansch - Bert Jansch

Bert Jansch - Bert Jansch 最熱門的
描述: This album was made in his producer's kitchen with borrowed guitars for £100. Bert sold the album outright and it wasn't until he bought back the rights that he could make any more money out of it. It seems that he didn't mind too much at the time - the chance to make a record was enough, but then he didn't expect it to be selling thirty years later.

Originally released by Transatlantic (TRA 125) in 1965, this is now available on CD with the Jack Orion album as Transatlantic/Demon TDEMCD 14.

1. Strolling Down The Highway (Bert Jansch) 03:03 - the highway is in France. There is a reference to the OAS - a French terrorist group.
2. Smokey River (Bert Jansch) 02:53
3. Oh How Your Love Is Strong (Bert Jansch) 03:35 - written for a very specific person who remains anonymous
4. I Have No Time (Bert Jansch) 03:06
5. Finches (Bert Jansch) 00:47 - 'an impression of the bohemian nightlife of a "ravers pub" of the same name in Soho.
6. Veronica (Bert Jansch) 01:29 - apparently Finches and Veronica were incorrectly labelled on the original vinyl recording.
7. Needle Of Death (Bert Jansch) 03:17 - anti-drugs song that seems as relevant today as it did all those years ago. Bert wrote this after the death of one of his friends, Buck Polly. Neil Young rewrote this song as Ambulance Blues - 'As much much of a great guitar player as Jimi (Hendrix) was, Bert Jansch is the same thing for acoustic guitar. The first record that he made - geat record. I was particularly impressed by 'The Needle Of Death' , this really outrageous, beautiful song. This guy was just so good. Years later I wrote 'Ambulance Blues' for On The Beach, and I picked up the melody from his record - the guitar part exactly - without realising that I had completely copped the whole thing. Years later someone mentioned it to me, and I went back and heard him playing it. Sure enough, it's like a note-for-note cop of his thing... I did meet him once, when I went to England in the early '70's and got together with Pentangle, but I had a big limo and everything because I didn't know where I was going, and they kind of had an attitude about me, like I was a pop superstar and kind of a dickhead...'.

8. Do You Hear Me Now (Bert Jansch) 02:03
9. Rambling (Bert Jansch) 03:15
10. Alices Wonderland (Bert Jansch) 01:44
11. Running From Home (Bert Jansch) 02:22 - around the time that ithis was written Jansch was on his way to being thought of as the British Dylan - but this title eventually went to Donovan. However, the observation and imagery in this track would be quite at home on the finest Dylan albums of the time.
12. Courting Blues (Bert Jansch) 03:58 - written for Bert's first girlfriend - Liz Cruickshanks. Covered by Marianne Faithful.
13. Dreams Of Love (Bert Jansch) 01:41
14. Angie (Davey Graham) 03:10 - The Davey Graham instrumental that inspired so many guitarists including Simon and Garfunkle.

大家留意下:Rod哥首Rolling Down the Highway出自此碟。

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描述: 引文:

PPM 寫道:
Michael兄, 對, 美國當年好多民歌手都係曾於coffee shop及餐廳演出, 好似Peter, Paul and Mary中的Noel Paul Stookey, 年青時去格林威治村搵食, 本來日間做一份經理職級既工, 但後來全職做餐廳歌手及 “楝督笑” 藝人, 其他如Joan Baez, Tom Paxton, Judy Collins, Kingston Trio, Don Mclean, Peter Yarro,w Mary Travers, Simon and Garfunkel, Carly Simon, The Limeliters等等著名民歌人都曾係餐廳歌手, 在下推薦一本書叫 “BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME” – written by Robbie Woliver, hehehehe, 但而已唔知仲有冇得賣, 內容有訪問及介紹佢地當年於餐廳搵食既經歷及當年美國民謠復興既情況.

現時仲未執笠既美國著民歌餐廳 :

1. CAF[ WAH http://www.cafewha.com/ Don Mclean曾在此搵食

2. THE BITTER END http://www.bitterend.com/

3. The Gaslight

4. Hungry I - Kingston Trio有一張現場大碟

邊位高人如有知悉, 請再補充
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Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens 最熱門的
描述: Greatest Hits
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Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens 最熱門的
描述: The Very Best of Cat Stevens
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Dan Fogelberg Greatest Hits

Dan Fogelberg Greatest Hits 最熱門的
描述: Track List:
1. Part Of The Plan
2. Heart Hotels
3. Hard To Say
4. Longer
5. Missing You
6. Power Of Gold
7. Make Love Stay
8. Leader Of The Band
9. Run For The Roses
10. Same Old Lang Syne
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Diane Ponzio - Thanks To You

Diane Ponzio - Thanks To You 最熱門的
描述: About Her Live Concert in Hong Kong

About Her Website!
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Don McLean - Starry Starry Night DVD 封底

Don McLean - Starry Starry Night DVD 封底 最熱門的
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Don McLean - Starry Starry Night DVD 封面

Don McLean - Starry Starry Night DVD 封面 最熱門的
描述: Keith上存
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