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阿添的網上結他音樂會1997 (Re-Live)

Introduction 引子 - 我的小夢想

When I was studying in F.3 in the Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College, I met a higher form schoolmate who was playing guitar alone in the campus' garden. At that time, his guitar music had deeply imprinted in my mind. I said it's just fantastic! Actually, I didn't know what song he was playing at that time. I just dreamed that I could play that song someday.

About 5 years later when I started studying in College, I got a chance to learn guitar in a youth centre near my home. Finally, I knew that the song was called Romance De Amour and I tried my best to learn to play it. Since this song was not a very difficult one, I could play this song after I'd picked up guitar for several months. Wow... my little dream had come true!

Since then, my guitar has been standing by me for years no matter I'm smiling or weeping. So I just wish to share my poor guitar music as well as my old dream here with you aiming at inspiring you to like guitar music or even consider to learn it!

As I have no time to practise and learn more recently, I just can't play the songs well. I hope you could be kind enough not to complain me for making more noise pollution. The songs you're going to listen to are guitar solo of some of your familiar tunes mostly arranged by myself. Enjoy and remember to dream! :)

Timothy Cho@Chaiwan
June 2007


Programme 節目 - 請按以下歌曲收聽

Dream a little dream of Me -- The Beautiful South *

Who is willing to break up?! 誰願放手 -- Kelly Chen 陳慧琳 *

Nothing can replace you 唯獨你是不可取替 -- Andy Hui 許志安*

Like you 喜歡你 -- Beyond *

It's like the Wind 像風一樣 -- S.E.N. *

Your Name 你的名字我的姓氏 -- Jacky Cheung 張學友*

I Do 我願意 -- Faye Wong 王菲*

All Guitar Solo Pieces Are Played By Timothy Cho in 1997

* Guitar Solo Arranged by Timothy Cho
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